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Back In Control [Jan. 4th, 2016|02:51 pm]
woot! I regained control of this old account!
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(no subject) [Sep. 26th, 2010|05:09 pm]
I'm trying to be productive today, but i'm off to a terrible, terrible start. =)
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Just a test [May. 3rd, 2010|06:25 pm]
So, I signed up for an affiliate program with iTunes. Trying to get it to work. Bill, I think you're the only person to ever read my journal. Do me a favor, click this link. If you have iTunes on your computer, it should open it.

Actually, if you ever buy ANYTHING from iTunes, movie, music. . . whatever, do me a favor. Click this link before you go into iTunes. If iTunes is closed, you click this link it will open it, and I'll get like 6 cents if you buy a song =P It's minimal I know.

But at the very least, just click the link and leave a comment if it's working. I'm having trouble telling on my computer.

Shop at the iTunes Music Store.
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(no subject) [Feb. 27th, 2010|04:51 pm]
spring break. a.k.a. mental health week.

I spent thursday and friday doing ALMOST nothing, which was fantastic. Worked today and have dannys concert tonight, so it'll be a long day with no sleep, but tomorrow is sleep in, clean the house day. Then Monday - Sunday my only OBLIGATION is to EXIST. I'm going to play it by ear. I want to go to the gym when the mood strikes me. I want to study, when the mood strikes me. I want to spend quality time with Danny as much as I can, and I want to be alone when I need it. I'm hoping this break is everything I need it to be.
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(no subject) [Dec. 31st, 2009|07:18 am]
I feel like something is missing. I'm not sure what. I can't even really start to sort everything out to understand what it is, or where it's coming from.

I find myself wishing for an outlet for my emotions, thoughts and feelings. I'll hear a song lyric that rings so true to me, and I want to share it with the world. But what can I do really? twee it? nobody subscribes to me. Facebook it? As if status updates aren't cryptic enough as it is. And plus, they're probably ment to be a novelty anyhow. Kevin is eating a bowl of soup! is more appropriate than Kevin is wishing he could "feel" something other than these shades of grey.

I think John Mayer is the most influential artist to my life. His songs are so. . . .relavent to me. But I have to admit, Fall Out boy - Coffee's For Closers is a song that stirs up 100 different emotions in me, but I can't explain any of them. I don't have a fucking clue what the song is about, and I don't want to know. I just want to listen to it on repeat and feel all those nameless emotions. It gives me hope, it makes me want to cry. . . it fucks me up. I love it.

Lately, I've felt a burning desire to CREATE. It struck me that, for all that I know, I can't really do shit. I can name the shit out of some hydrocarbons, but I can't do anything with them. Maybe tell you what happens to a benzene ring when you add such and such functional group. But I can't add a functional group. Don't know how. I knit, I guess that's making things. But I'm tired of making scarves. I'd love to make a huge, oversized wool sweater. But I don't know how to do that. I'd love to take a fucking ingot of iron and turn it into a god damned sword or something. How amazing would that be? Useless sure, but I'd feel like I'd CREATED something.

My need to create drove me to buy a book on basic electronics from Radio Shack. I got that, some LED's and whatnot. Wired up sebastians collar with some ultra bright white LED's so that when he goes outside at night we can see where he is. It worked great for a week or two, and then he somehow ripped the resistor and battery connection off. I just need to re-solder it, but I'm kind of over that project.

Why am I awake right now? Work from 2-7, and I'm going to be tired as shit.
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blech [Oct. 26th, 2009|05:35 am]
Ugh, I feel horrible tonight. Not sure why. My stomach has been hurting on and off all day, but it started off so weak that I didn't really notice it. When I got home is when it really started to huuuuuurt. It's not like any kind of hurt i've had before. I'm not going to throw up, I'm not hungry, it's not any kind of indigestion. . . it feels like somebody is stabbing the middle of my stomach with a really pointy sharp object, but not actually puncturing anything. But holy bejesus it hurts =(

Technology hates me tonight. I can't remember ever having an issue I couldn't solve with my computers, but everything seems to be going wonky tonight, and I hate it. I bought an external hard drive tonight, and I can get it to power on, but it won't register on my computer. I'm fairly positive it's just a bad drive, but it's frustrating. Also, the hard drive I have that is used exclusivly for regular backups, was showing up at first, and then after I did a restart to try and get the new drive to work, it wouldn't show up at all. *sigh* I finally got that sorted out for the most part.

My iPhone is what's really bugging me. It's acting extremely wonky, and I've never had any issues with it. First, I would dock it and it would start to charge, but not show up in iTunes. I still havn't fixed that. So I plugged it in to the computer directly and tried to sync a playlist, it would start to tranfer, and then it would drop from iTunes, and the phone would be stuck saying "Sync in Progress". I've tried everything I know to fix it, and no dice. Usually when I have a problem like that, I just google it and try and find the answer. Typically I feel like no matter what problem I encounter, somebody else has had it first, and they've found solution. All I have to do is find that. But, the keywords I'd use for the search are so freaking general, that I get a billion unrelated articles. How do I narrow down from "iphone, stuck syncing, drops from iTunes" I get articles about dragging a droping music to an iphone in itunes, etc. And this is most frustrating because I wanted to go to bed while listening to my damn book! The new one comes out tomorrow and I was hoping to finish this one before diving in to the new one. Ohh well.

As I was messing around in iTunes, I came across an old song I used to absolutely love. I remember I used to feel a special fondness for the 2nd verse that goes

Don't say I'm out of touch
With this rampant chaos, your reality
I know well what lies beyond my sleeping refuge
The nightmare I've built my own world to escape

Good times.

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(no subject) [May. 31st, 2009|09:04 pm]
Mountain Dew Game Fuel Horde Banner
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Gay Bashing at a Sports Bar: What Do You Do? [Mar. 25th, 2009|11:39 am]
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(no subject) [Mar. 13th, 2009|04:29 am]
So, it's time I stopped being a bitch, and actually joined Twitter. Anyone out there I can start following?

username: khamlin
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5 - Hour Energy [Mar. 6th, 2009|10:26 am]
I'm wondering if that 5 - hour energy shot that I've heard so much about is actually terrible for you. I've had it once before, and I just had one this morning because I'm SUPER tired, and oddly enough, it's working really well. I'm not jacked up on caffeine, I'm not jittery, I'm just awake. So, that's fairly sweet. It's got a shit load of Vitamin B6, but I'm not sure if that's bad for you or not. It also has 8333% of the recommended daily dose of B12. Hopefully I'm not killing myself here, but man. . . if I am, I'll die awake.

I work tonight, I'm kind of looking forward to it. .. I hope i get some interesting folks with some silly questions, so I can jot them down later =)

Hope everyone has a great friday!
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